Thursday, February 24, 2011

Broken Zippers

All of the jeans on my sons pants refuse to stay up.
I decieded to turn them into button fly jeans instead of trying to replace the zippers, because who wants to do that? I took the old zippers out
 I cut the zipper out as close to the seam as I could.
 Then I took the other side out with my seam ripper
 Then I snipped the zipper as far down as I could
 I used grossgrain ribbon 2x the length of the zipper, which I folded over and then sewed a straight stitch down each side
 then I added a button hole with my nifty automatic button holer
 I then sewed my ribbon to the fly
 then I added my button (which Dallas picked out) and voila! a fixed pair of pants so that I'm not constantly reminding my sweet boy to zip up his pants and that makes both of us happy :) I'm sure that this is not the only way to do this and probably not the easiest, but it's what made sense to me.

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