Saturday, December 18, 2010

1st Christmas

Well today was our first Christmas of the year up at my Dad and Belinda's house. Dallas and I went up last night and spent the night, it was alot of fun. We played a few board games and watched Despicable Me. This morning I got to see Anthony open up his Batman quilt and I'm happy to say he liked it. Belinda really liked her table runner and napkins, which really made all the time that went into it SO worth it. It was alot of fun to watch the little kids open up their presents. Last year Belinda made me a super cute photo wall quilt and this year she made me some adorable pillows that are the perfect colors for my living room. Thanks Belinda, I LOVE them.

I also recieved The Quiliting Answer Book by Barbara Weiland Talbert and I've read through the beginning and sorta flipped through it and I am thrilled that it has so much information, I think that everyone should have a copy next to their sewing machine. 

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